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Changes for 2015 season...


  • Little League International has approved a new age determination schedule.  Age determination will be from January to December for ages 9 and below.  For ages above 9 we will use the old age determination of May to April to determine age.  See the Division chart at the registration link to determine your child's participation age.
  • The boundary map for Beaverdale Little League has expanded.  Click on the Maps above to see the boundary Map.
  • Umpire fees will be included in the registration price for division Triple A and Intermediate.
  • We have reduced the number of games this year as follows:
    • Tee Wee = 9 games
    • Rookie = 15 games
    • Pee Wee = 18 games
    • Triple A = 16 games
    • Intermediate = 16 games
    • Seniors = 15 games